Monday, April 26, 2010

Floating Window Art

I found a great way to display old windows and since I just received a bunch of old windows I fell in love with this idea from Lemon Tree Creations blog.
 1) Scoured the dirty windows. YUCK!
2) Added a fresh coat of paint to each. Cheap Robin's Egg Blue and Light Grey, ($.33 each, yeah!!) As well as my favorite Martha Stewart Anjou Pear (I might cry when I use the last of that!)
3) Laid out the windows in just the right combination for sturdiness and visual appeal.
4) Purchased and installed mending plates from Home Depot. We used flat head screws to attach the mending plates in two places on each window to make them sturdy. I was pleased with how well they worked.
5) Found the best, low traffic spot to put our newest treasure. We had to rearrange some furniture (surprise, surprise!) but I found the perfect corner for a little burst of color.